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C.B. Vann LFDIC and Lula C. Vann LPNC (Owners)
Sharena L. Vann LPNC
G.C. Vann, Jr. LFD
Dr. Adrian D. Abner
Doris Vann LPNC and Lula C. Vann LPNC

In 1969, the doors of Vann Funeral Home opened on the West End of the city of southern charm, Marianna, Florida at the address on the same property the firm continues to operate today, 4265 Saint Andrews Street. For years, the white, wood-framed building was in operation. However, in 2003, the Lord divinely blessed the firm to build a new brick facility to serve the deserving families in Jackson and surrounding counties.

Mr. Charles B. Vann, licensed funeral director in charge, and his beloved wife, Mrs. Lula C. Vann set out in 1969 by faith to serve the families who would call upon them in their time of need coining the motto “Concern for the living…Reverence for the Dead”. Down through the years, they have remained committed to service with excellence, community service and support, supporting children, aiding the elderly and disabled, and helping mankind using various methods of outreach. Their name represents service!

After some time, Mr. Grover C. Vann, Jr. became a licensed funeral director and embalmer, and he and his wife, the late Mrs. Doris L. Vann joined the team. The firm was blessed to open a chapel in Blountstown where they expanded their reach. Due to extensive damages from flooding and adverse weather, the Blountstown site was closed. However, the team continues to serve the community.
The firm has continued to grow by leaps and bounds as they lean into growth, development and embracing new ideas for serving grieving families. The staff members who are a part of this dynamic team take pride in serving families during their most vulnerable times using the principles of dignity and respect.

Dr. Adrian Abner, licensed funeral director and embalmer, joined the Vann Funeral Home over 20 years ago and has continued to serve alongside the Vann family learning traditional techniques while incorporating new trends. Bishop Abner is a licensed funeral director and embalmer.
Vann Funeral Home offers a full array of funeral service including pre-need funeral arrangements. The firm is proud of the two licensed pre-need consultants who provide impeccable service to the families and support systems, Mrs. Lula C. Vann and their niece, Ms. Sharena L. Vann. Part-time workers assist with funerals, viewings, as well as with the day-to-day operations. With assistance of these persons, the firm remains ever ready to serve the community.
Vann Funeral Home puts God first in its endeavors holding fast to prayer and faith. Mr. Charles and Mrs. Lula Vann continue at the helm of the firm. However, even after 50 years of committed service, they still remind staff and people to “keep God first”. The Vann’s strive to uphold the motto of the firm while treating people with the highest degree of professionalism.
In the daily business operation, we provide a full coverage funeral service. This includes cremation, direct burials, shipping services and the additional funeral service. We strive to satisfy our clients in a fair, honest and confidential way. Professional development remains a part of our commitment to staying abreast to the trends in the funeral service industry.

Vann Funeral Home maintains membership in the following organizations:
1. Florida Morticians Association, District IV
2. Florida Morticians Association
3. National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association
4. Florida Independent Funeral Directors Association
5. Jackson County Chamber of Commerce

It should be noted that the staff are deeply involved in numerous other civic, social, and religious organizations. We embrace community, family, fellowship, and friendship.